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Self leadership with the help of horses- private sessions



I offer private sessions for you with the horse as a helping tool towards self knowledge.

The Horse

mirrors you authentically without judging 

desires for you to be totally present

wants to be led by the strength inside you

brings gifts of  insights and self- knowledge 


When you are together with horses, in my presence, you are in an environment that promotes self-awareness.

You will, by focusing on body awareness, breathing, emotions, mental patterns and habits gain insights and increase your skills.

Self awarness reaches many levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


We practice using our power center in the stomach, opening our pelvis and unleashing our natural power of trust and security. We practice awareness, observation skills, and concentration and to allow yourself to perceive and know the moment.


You are your most important tool!

What is within you. The horse sees You. You cannot hide but there is also no need to. The horse does not judge, instead he gives unlimited chances for you to find yourself.


Your thoughts and feelings are in control of your physical possibilities i.e. learning or communicating. Through aware presence you can create authenticity that radiates relaxed affectivity. The horse helps you to reach this awareness. When you get closer contact with reality, you do not have to to fight with yourself and avoid making the same mistakes.


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Private sessions are offered for 900 SEK 1½ hour or one hour for 740 SEK.

Note that for your first visit, an hour and a half is necessary.


A 24 hour cancellation policy is used; It is necessary to charge for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Also notice that all activities are at your own risk.




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