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may 14

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"The time I spend with my horses is the best time of the day. The new insights I gained while training for Petra gave me a much greater self-awareness that improved my communication with my horses and made the best time even better." Håkan Jarl, Traffic Manager / COO


"I have changed since the course with Petra. It took a week before I landed, but the first change was noticed already on the Monday after the course when I took the horses out to the field. I had a different presence with them, I both praised and talked with each of them, and I was enjoying being with them. My goal of having my own personal experience of horses is reached.

I also do not rely entirely on my expert daughter anymore, I trust myself being with the horses my way.

I am more aware of my own (un-) clarity in communication with both horses and humans. This also applies to my work with individuals with autism. Surely more have opened up in me (at least my hips ...) that I still can not put into words.

Thank you so much for all the insights and the rewarding course." Sirpa Sandström


anneli"Riding for Petra had focus on a communicative level between me and the horse, which I was unfamiliar with and it made a big difference for me. I distinctly felt the horse's presence and spirit in communicating. It was exciting and gave me a completely different experiencing in riding. My goals have definitely changed." Anneli

"I feel that my goals of coopering and feeling joy is now easier at hand with the tools Petra gave me. I'm more aware of what my body and my mind can achieve and I use the legs and hands less than before." Annette

"A gray November Saturday, I was lucky enough to be with Petra Smyth and Bellman. It was a very happy day during which I learned a lot about leadership and about myself. I, who never felt any great attraction to atables and previously only ridden occasionally, could begin to imagine what a partnership between horse and human really means. A new world opened up for me. And with the help of Petra's deep knowledge of both horses and humans, and her clear eye for what happened between me and Bellman, I felt seen and confidently led to new tools for communication and leadership. Tools that I have been able to directly transfer to my everyday life as a supervisor." Gunilla Orvelius
"Petra has a great presence with both me, the group and the horses. She has a unique ability to tune in, build trust, create communication and flow in the interactions between humans and horses. She sees every individual, every movement, she follows and creates from what is in the moment. Petra is both humble and assertive in her leadership and constantly finds ways to lead a group to develop more. An invaluable source of wisdom, love and power. The course brought a deep desire to continue to lead and live through my body , beyond words, in the obvious meeting between me, the animals and nature. Thanks Petra for a great day!" Pernilla Nylander, Stockholm / Storvik




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