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may 14

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Philosophy - a process of learning



In order to answer questions I describe a process of learning, which do not necessarily occur in this order.


1. Body awareness. Raise awareness of your body by feeling it. You begin to create a natural integration and get to know your power center in the stomach. On the horse, you start by feeling how the horse moves your body and we practice present moment awareness.

2. Knowing the horse's body, how it moves and functions. You are exercising your powers of observation. You will also learn how you influence the horse physically.

3. Becoming aware of your breath, the link to the soul. Become aware of how you create a connection to the horse's breath. Become aware of how you have the ability to use the energy that comes with breathing.

4. Mental patterns and habits. How you can make use of mental images, pictures and words. We practice concentration, focus in differents ways and intent. Can you influence horses mentally?

5. Become aware of your emotions, and how they affect you and the horse. Also becoming aware of the horse's emotions and how he is also guided by instincts. Can you make use of this in communicating with the horse?

6. Become more aware of communication. How you are perceived and how your communication is received? How do you receive and negotiate? Are you creating confidence and security?

7. Cooperation. The purpose and intent of training the horse. What do you want to achieve?



The positive physical effects of riding naturally is also Important to mention. The whole body is activated and especially the important core of your body with your pelvis, lower back and hips. You are massaged by the horse´s movements and you stretch parts uncommonly reached and all this is important to your mobility and health.






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