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may 14

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Are you a horse owner?



Are you looking for a more satisfying experience with your horse?

Do you get stuck in stress or fear?



I can assist you to:

· more joy, further awareness and a deep connection with the animal you love.
· an understanding of how to influence your horse and how you can get an enriched interaction where you both can develop in harmony and joy.
· finding the difference between personality and an individual in constant motion with individual needs.
· giving the horse a right to choose and display motivation and strength.
· providing the right conditions for challenges so that you give him a chance to change and development.
· a theoretical understanding of the horse's real needs.
· insights on how you sit on the horse, how you affect each other and how negative patterns can be broken.
· a balanced seat that influence the horse with weight, swivel and angles. Finding what suits your body and your horse best.


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I also present the possibility to take your horse in at my place for a predetermined amount of time, for a deeper understanding of unhappy horses with the intention of them becoming healthy, balanced, and happy. The stay includes several different training phases as well as private sessions for owners and riders. Please contact me for a quote or with questions.




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