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may 14

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I started riding school at age 7. I was hooked right away although not always thrilled, I continued with more and more time spent at the stables caring for many ponies in teenage years and competed with my own pony. After high school and a 10 week "horse-handling" course I moved to America and after a few months I got the privelage to work with the Royal Lipizzaner Stallions, an American version of the Spansih riding school with a touring show. There I performed with Lipizzaner and Andalusian Stallions as well as an Arabian stallion in a trick solo number. Eventually, I helped to train the younger stallions that were brought to be schooled into the show. With the work in hand and the long line, I realized the impact of body language. Relating to the stallions also gave me insights in how to communicate mentally and emotionally with them. They were sensitive and appreciated it. I studied Tai Chi Chuan and Yi Chuan which brought self awarness physically and mentally with conscious intention-training.

I dove into a process of self-knowledge through a variety of therapies, which of course is still ongoing. Each birth of my three children gave me great self-knowledge. As did my mentors, courses and living abroad.


I developed a new perspective and a new understanding of the horse with individual respect as well as awareness of its soul.I developed a leadership where I took responsibility for the welfare of the horse and the horse's needs and desire to both be respected and cared for.

I help horses to a better life and riders to get more out of their experience with horses. I have written a book about being with horses. It is an invitation to increased awareness, physical and spiritual with yourself and your horse. (It is not in print yet.)


My passion for horses include how they can help us acquire insights about ourselves through their natural needs. I have developed services offering experiences with horses where I customize all challenges individually with intuition and sensitivity.

I want everything into the light of consciousness for insights to help you lead your own life or be a leader / role model for others. At my place, we respect animals and see their individual gifts, love and needs. I promote self-awareness and personal development training in a nurturing environment in harmony with nature and animals.

In the long term, I see increased activity on a larger more suitable farm. I am working with other entrepreneurs who have similar values with courses, a hostel, activities for children and young people. I also see that I can provide further training for riders and summer camps.

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